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Late abortion (often referred as 'late-term abortion') procedures past 20 weeks Last Menstrual Period ("LMP") are not as accessible as earlier first trimester abortions. A very small percentage of abortions are performed at this stage and services are substantially more expensive due to greater physician skills, more visits, more time, and more medications and supplies necessary for the procedure.

To learn more about abortion clinics offering late term abortions (their upper limit in weeks LMP is in parenthesis) click on the following: Clinics listed below and/or a MAP showing clinics that offer LATER ABORTION CARE
Second trimester abortion clinic Orlando Women's Center, Orlando, Florida - Late Abortion

late term abortion clinic Choices Women's Medical Center -

Dr. Warren Hern late term abortion clinic Boulder Abortion Clinic - Boulder, Colorado offering Late Abortions. Second trimester abortion, third trimester abortions

anta Center for Women's Choice

late term abortion clinic Abortion Advantage abortion clinic

Whole Woman's Surgical Center abortion clinic in San Antonio, TX

Northland Family Planning late abortion clinic in Michigan

Dr. Michael Benjamin OB/GYN abortion clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cedar River Clinics abortion clinic in Renton, Washington
Phoenix - Family Planning Associates Medical Group (up to 23 weeks LMP)

Little Rock - Little Rock Family Planning Services (21.3 weeks LMP) 
Beverly Hills - Josepha Seletz, MD / Pro-Choice Medical (24 weeks LMP)
Concord - Choice Medical Group (24 weeks LMP)
Fremont - Choice Medical Group (24 weeks LMP)
Northern & Southern California - Family Planning Associates Medical Group (19 Locations) (up to 21.5 weeks LMP)
Oakland - Family Planning Specialists Medical Group (22 weeks LMP)
Sacramento - Choice Medical Group (24 weeks LMP)
San Francisco - Choice Medical Group (24 weeks LMP)
San Jose - Choice Medical Group (24 weeks LMP)
Boulder - Boulder Abortion Clinic (26+ weeks LMP)
Bridgeport - Summit Women's Center (up to 17 weeks LMP)
Fort Lauderdale / Tamarac - Michael Benjamin, MD OB/GYN (24 weeks LMP)
Orlando - Orlando Women's Center (24+ weeks LMP)
West Palm Beach - Presidential Women's Center (22 weeks LMP)
Atlanta - Atlanta Center for Women's Choice (up to 24 weeks LMP)
Atlanta - Feminist Women's Health Center (up to 24 weeks LMP)
Atlanta - Summit Medical Associates (up to 24 weeks LMP)
Granite City - Hope Clinic for Women (24 weeks LMP)
Germantown - Germantown Reproductive Health Services (26+ weeks LMP)
Boston / Chestnut Hill - Women's Health Services (23 weeks LMP)
Detroit - Northland Family Planning (24 weeks LMP)
Detroit - Summit Medical Associates (24 weeks LMP)
Detroit - Women's Center Michigan (24 weeks LMP)
Minneapolis - Mildred S. Hanson MD (20 weeks LMP)
Las Vegas - Summit Family Planning (24 weeks LMP)
New Jersey
Englewood - Metropolitan Medical Associates (24 weeks LMP)
Union/Union City - Jersey GYN Associates (up to 22 weeks LMP)
New York
New York City / Queens - Liberty Women's Health Care of Queens (24 weeks LMP)
New York City - Choices Women's Medical Center (24 weeks LMP)
Cleveland - Preterm (22 weeks LMP)
Austin - Dr. Peter Kropf (up to 24 weeks)
Dallas - Abortion Advantage (up to 24 weeks LMP)
San Antonio - Whole Woman's Surgical Center (25 weeks LMP)
Renton - Cedar River Clinics (26 weeks LMP)
Milwaukee - Affiliated Medical Services (22 weeks LMP)

ANSIRH (Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health) at UCSF has created a new web resource on late abortion <http://www.ansirh.org/research/late-abortion.php> . Incorporated into their website, referral information; resources for women, clinicians, and journalists; facts on later abortion; and information on legal issues, women’s experiences with abortion, and ANSIRH’s Second Trimester Abortion Initiative. Please take a look.

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